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AI-powered Image generator & Voice GPT assistant. Smarter conversations with our crypto Chatbot, talking Avatar and advanced NLP technology.
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What is RichAI? 
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Designed to Moon Harder & Onboard Users To The RH Ecosystem

Chat With RichAI

Find out what's happening in the crypto market with RichAI and ask him anything. Ask about the price of your favourite token, its market cap, or which tokens are currently trending. RichAI utilizes real-time price data and is being trained on various crypto-related topics using machine learning processes. For example, you can ask RichAI 'What is the current price of $HEX?' and RichAI will reply, '$0.08'. Our vision is to teach AI models to understand text and voice commands to a high standard and provide accurate and informative responses to specific crypto-related queries.


AI Image Generator

Get creative with your words and watch them transform into stunning pictures that tell a story. Turn text into an Image using RichAI image generator accessibile via Telegram and Discord. All you have to do is type out your current creative concepts in a few words, choose the desired art style keywords, and let the AI Image Generator work, it’s fantastic. The bot includes an awesome built in AI assistant. Simply type in your question, and RichAI will provide you with a personalised and accurate response in real- time

TRY RichAI bots!

RichAI App

RichAI is a cutting- edge chatbot powered by the latest natural language processing technology. Whether you're looking for information on a specific topic, or just want to have a casual conversation. RichAI is here to help. Text to image generator and voice recognition functionality gives RichAI the edge. The bot is able to respond to a wide range of questions and topics, making it the perfect companion. The app lets you generate incredible art works in one simple step.

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Access to Discord and Telegram Servers

Access to Web App

Generate 2x AI Images

Generate up to 1000 words of AI Text


Basic Plan

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Access to Mobile App

Generate Unlimited AI Images

Generate up to 10K words of AI Text per day

$10 / Month or Hold 100K $RICHAI

Standard Plan

Everything in Basic Plan

Access to Private Telegram Chat

Generate Unlimited AI Images

Generate up to 30K words of AI Text per day

$25 / Month or Hold 250K $RICHAI

Premium Plan

Everything in Standard Plan

Add Bots to your own Servers

Generate Unlimited AI Images

Generate up to 2M words of AI Text/month

$50 / Month or Hold 500K $RICHAI


The story is about rogue AI bots that trained a cute Cockapoo AI and created a super dog named RichAI. The $RICHAI Token is an ERC20 standard utility token that grants access to all AI tools on the platform, including Image Generator, Voice chat GPT Assistant, and all upcoming bots, to those who hold the token.
The $RICHAI Token provides users with the ability to unlock premium features and services on the platform, which includes access to exclusive models, high-quality images in HD/4K resolutions, video production services, an NFT generator, and advanced data analytics tools. Users can use the tokens to purchase access to these services.Holders of $RICHAI will receive benefits from paid advertisement slots on RichAI’s web, Discord and app bots. Access to staking will be provided by RichAI, and a privileged group of holders will be given the opportunity to use our exclusive beta AI models and future technologies.







of each transaction added to liquidity pool




AI Dev Fund


of each NFT transaction will be used for Buy back and burn


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Possible partnership: Artist, Company, Coin/Token, Metaverse, Gaming or Influencer.